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Joot's emotionally evocative work tells stories of the isolation and defiance that is part of her Finnish heritage. Her work depicts nature, our relationship with it and the hidden strength of individuals, humans and animals.


As a fine artist Joot seeks to redefine the boundaries between social history and art history by examining the tradition of narrative in national cultures. Using moving image, sound, written word and visual arts her work reflects the deep beauty of ancient folklore while aiming to make a basic, current and personal connection with her audience.


Joot's creation of fantastical spaces and creatures combined with her ability to embody the traditional notion of storytelling gives a simple yet powerful result. Today, with the growing importance of online ‘story-telling’ : blogging, social media, email, e-books, Joot’s works are stories in their own right and the fact that they are inspired by history, nature and the world around us, makes them all the more intriguing.